About Custom Your Ink


+ What is Custom Your Ink?

Custom Your Ink: Custom Your Ink is an print-on-demand online shop where we connect our customers with amazing designs designed by our private designer team from Vietnam. We have fulfillment centers located in United States (only  for orders in US), Europe. We also collab with other partner facilities located in Australia and Japan. Our products are shipping worldwide.

+ Where is Custom Your Ink facility located?

Custom Your Ink: Now we have facilities located in US, Europe. US and Europe facilities will fulfill and deliver the product to you. We also collab with other partner facilities located in Australia and Japan to ensure that you can receive your order(s) as quickly as possible.

US fulfillment center and warehouse : 11201 Ed Brown Rd, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28273

Latvia facility : Lidostas parks, Marupes novads, Latvia LV-2167

Spain facility : Travessía Prat de la Riba, 91-95, 08849 Sant Climent de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain

Asia (Designer  team) address : Ky Long, Dien Tho, Dien Ban, Quang Nam, Vietnam, 560000

Our partner facilities :

In Australia : 40 Tanimbla Street, Kedron, Queensland 4031, Australia (apparel orders); 338 Albert St, Brunswick VIC 3056, Australia (non-apparel orders)

In Japan : 817-3 Komiyaji, Shinwamachi, Amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture, 8630101 Japan

+ How can I contact you?

Custom Your Ink: For any questions, including questions about order, delivery and other conerns, you can contact us by reaching out to our Contact Us page or sending us an email to We usually respond within 24 hours.

You also can chat with any of our live chat agents by clicking chat bubble found in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Our team is more than happy to help you out!

+ Why can't I reach a live person by phone?

Custom Your Ink: Currently, we offer support via email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and our live chat widget on our Site. All our support channels are manned by real human being who are more than happy to help you with whatever questions or concerns you have.

In the future, we strive to transition away from phone support in order to provide the best service we can for our customers. We made the leap because it's just not an efficient way for us to help people. However, resolving an issue over the phone takes a lot longer than it does to resolve the same issue via chat or email. With keeping these matters on email or the like, we will accurately record what's been discussed already so you do not have to repeat yourself.

All frequently asked questions about orders


+ Where do the designs on Custom Your Ink marketplace come from?

Custom Your Ink: Designs on the Custom Your Ink marketplace are unique designed by our designer team. So we hope that you should respect the intellactual property of designs showed on our marketplace.

+ What if I make a mistake in my order?

Custom Your Ink: No problem! Please contact us via Contact Us page or send us an email to, or hit the live chat with any of our live support agents via the live chat widget found in the bottom of our Site.

You should submit your change request within 2 hours after placing your order. We are happy to help you resolve your issue.

If your change request is not available, we will send you an email and offer a refund to you. For more information, please refer to our Refund & Exchange Policy.

However, we encourage our customers to fill out the order information form, check it twice carefully before submitting and placing their order.

+ Why isn't my coupon code working?

Custom Your Ink: You particitate in a certain promotion of us and we offer you a coupon code.

In the case, your coupon code is not working, please make sure the coupon you're trying to use has not expired, and that you're applying it to non-sale items only. During a site-wide sale, no further discounts can be applied.

If it still is not working, please do reach out via the Contact Us page with your coupon code and we'll take a look.

+ What methods of payment do you accept?

Custom Your Ink: We accept all major credit cards through 2Checkout, as well as easy checkout options through Paypal.

Please note, only one form of payment can be processed for each order.

+ Why isn't my order going through?

Custom Your Ink: Try using a computer with either Chrome or Firefox, if you're not already. Please clear your cache, make sure all fields are completed, and that your billing post code is correct.

If you have tried checking out more than two times, your credit card company may have blocked you from checking out on our Site and you may need to call them to verify the change. if you get an error message due to an incorrect billing post code any charges on your card will automatically drop off after a few days as the order has not processed correctly on our end.

If you've tried all of the above to no avail, please reach out to us via the Contact Us page or send us an email to, message one of our live chat agents. We'll be happy to try placing a manual order for you.

+ My Paypal address is not up to date. Did my shipping address get changed at checkout?

Custom Your Ink: Although the address on your order should be the address you entered at checkout, it is possible that the address was pulled from Paypal system instead. If you have any inkling that this has happened or you just want to double-check and make sure, please feel free reach out to us via the Contact Us page.

+ When will my credit card be charged?

Custom Your Ink: Once your order goes into production the moment it is placed, your card or Paypal account is charged the moment you confirm your order at checkout. You will receive a confirmation email when your order is submitted. If you notice any confusing charges on your end, such as duplicates, please feel free reach out to us via Contact Us page with any questions.

+ Why am I being charged taxes at checkout?

Custom Your Ink: If you are located near a third-party fulfiller, or are requesting delivery in areas where law dictates taxes be charged prior to purchase, you will be charged taxes. All taxes collected at checkout go to the government, not us (!), so unfortunately we are unable to refund these charges for you.

If you live in a US state with a fulfillment center or the law dictates we charge taxes for online purchases (*), you'll see that charge prior to payment at checkout. In Europe, you'll notice a VAT charge appearing in the total before payment as well.

As of July 1st 2018, we have begun charging Australia's 10% GST ( Goods and Services Tax) to all orders shipping to Australia.

(*) The following states will be taxed at checkout (the tax rate is different in each state, and within each state, it varies by county, city and district.)(36 states): Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

+ Why am I charged customs duties or fees upon delivery?

Custom Your Ink: If you're located in the United Kingdom or the European Union and your order comes from a European third party fulfiller, you shouldn't be charged customs duties or fees upon delivery. For exact laws regarding any charges you might incur, we do recommend consulting your country's border agency for guidance.

Unfortunately, if your order is shipping internationally from a third party fulfiller based in the United States, it may be subject to customs duties/fees as this is a necessary evil of international trade. We wish there were a way around them and we understand the frustration in paying them! We recommend checking with your local laws regarding any taxes or fees you may have to pay once your order arrives. Your local postal service may also require a fee for completion of delivery and we sadly cannot control that. These fees, like customs fees and taxes, are not included in your shipping charges, and we're not able to calculate the amount you may be charged for customs on our end of things. We are unfortunately also not able to mark orders as 'gifts' nor are we able to adjust the price declared on the order. We also do not issue any refunds for customs fees, shipping, or the cost of your order should you refuse to pay the customs fees.

+ Do you offer wholesale or bulk order pricing?

Custom Your Ink: We do! For more information about full pricing list, please reach out via Contact Us page.

Please note: We do not offer wholesale during November and December.

+ My order was lost?

Custom Your Ink: If for whatever reason your order was not delivered, please contact us by sending us an e-mail to

+ Can I cancel my order?

Custom Your Ink: We are unable to cancel orders once an offer has closed and the printing process has commenced. Please refer to our Refund & Exchange Policy for information regarding returns and refunds.

In some case, send us an email with your order details and we’ll issue you a full refund.

All frequently asked questions about printing, pricing and customzing shirts


+ What types of shirts can I purchase?

Custom Your Ink: There are many different types of shirts to buy on the Custom Your Ink. You can learn more about fabric, weight, cut and fit; and be sure to check out our Size Chart for more detailed measurement.

+ What printing techniques are used?

Custom Your Ink: All apparel is printed using a super high-tech digital print technique called Direct to Garment printing. Third-party fulfillers have the best machines in the business ( Kornit ) and ensure an extremely high quality print.

Every garment that leaves the fulfiller is QC'd before being shipped to customers.

Homegoods products are all sublimated for full-coverage, non-tactile, awesome looking prints.

+ Are male and female sizing options offered?

Custom Your Ink: All apparel is available in both male and female sizing.

The classic T-shirt is available in male sizes S-5XL and female size S-3XL. Male sizes are considered unisex.

The following products are only available in male/unisex sizes: Ringer T-shirt, Baseball T-shirt, Hoodies.

You can check out Size Chart here.

+ What if I'm not sure what size I need?

Custom Your Ink: The best way to determine what size you need is by measuring a shirt you already know and love!.

Match those measurements with the one on our Size Chart, and you've got yourself a perfect fit. We always recommend our customers measure twice before deciding on a size for their order.

+ What products are available from EU fulfillment centers?

Custom Your Ink: For more information about products that being available from EU fulfillment centers, please refer to our Size Chart page.

+ Do you offer glitter print?

Custom Your Ink: At this time, we're unable to offer glitter print for any of our products. We apologize for this inconvenience.

+ What size pillow, tapestry or tote bag should I order?

Custom Your Ink: Depends on what you like! Please follow the old adage and measure twice. We cannot accept sizing returns or exchanges on homegoods products, so please consult the size measurements and lifestyle shots closely to make sure you’re getting the perfect fit the first time around.

Totes come in:

Small: 13" by 13"
Medium: 16" by 16"
Large: 18" by 18"

Tapestries come in:

Small: 26" by 36"
Medium: 51" by 60"
Large: 68" by 80"

Pillows come in:

Extra Small: 14" by 14"
Small: 16" by 16"
Medium: 18" by 18"
Large: 20" by 20"
Extra Large: 26" by 26"

+ How do I request a custom products?

Custom Your Ink: At this time, we accept any custom product request.

+ Can the design be printed in a different color?

Custom Your Ink: If you need a specified design to be printed in a different color, please contact us by sending us an email to We are more than happy to make it true for you.

+ I have a great idea for a design, but I can't make it myself.

Custom Your Ink: You do not have to! Please feel free to contact us by sending us an email to We are more than happy to make it true for you.

+ Can this design be printed on items not shown on the product page?

Custom Your Ink: Unfortunately the third party fulfillment centers are unable to print on anything that's not currently shown on the site. Feel free to let us know what kind of items you're interested in--we can pass that along to let our team know there's a demand. You can also sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of any page on the website to be notified when new products are available!

All about Shipping Policy of Custom Your Ink


+ I just placed my order. How long until it ships?

Custom Your Ink: It takes 2-7 business days to create apparel products and 2-5 business days for non-apparel products from the time you placed your order until it ships.

If you have any questions about the progress of your order, please visit our Track Your Order page or contact us via the Contact Us page.

+ Will I be alerted once my order prints and ships?

Custom Your Ink: You will receive a shipping confirmation email from us once your order leaves the third party fulfillment center. That email will include a list of everything that has shipped, as well as a link to tracking information. If your order is coming from more than one fulfiller, for example if you ordered both shirts and a few pillows, you'll receive more than one shipping confirmation from us!

If you have any issues, please contact

+ I made a mistake in my order. Now what?

Custom Your Ink: Your order is held for 2 hours after it is placed to allow for any necessary changes to billing/shipping addresses or item sizes and colors! For submitting a change request, please contact via Contact Us page or having a chat with our live chat agents. If you need to make a change that cannot be made through this tool, you are also able to cancel and refund your order there so that you can start from scratch!

If it has been more than two hours since you placed your order, please email us right away via the Contact Us page. If your order has already been printed and shipped, unfortunately changes cannot be made to it.

+ When will I receive my item(s)?

Custom Your Ink:

Orders shipped within the U.S. will arrive 15-21 days. Orders shipped outside of the U.S. will arrive 21-25 days.

You will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number upon the day of shipment (to the email address used to place your order).

BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR EMAILS (ex: Inbox / Spam, Etc.)

Please note this detail because in some cases, refund and return request involved delivery time is not accepted.

+ Can I track my order(s)

Custom Your Ink: When your item is shipped, immediately we will send you a Track ID. Easily you can track your order through our Track Order page. We also frequently send you email to update your item tracking. In some cases, the shipping method selected for your order does not include tracking. Please keep in mind that if you placed your order using International Standard 7-14 business day shipping, tracking is not included.

As a note, all deliveries with Standard, International, and International Plus shipping methods selected are ultimately carried out by your local post service and will come with your regular mail.

If you did not receive a tracking number, selected a shipping method without tracking, or have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us via the Contact Us page.

+ How much will it cost to ship my item(s)?

Custom Your Ink: Shipping fee depends on shipping method you picked.

Within the U.S. several shipping options are offered, typically starting around $6.99 for DHL Standard Shipping. Shipping rates vary depending on the weight and amount of products ordered.

Shipping internationally typically starts around $7.99 USD and increases with the addition of more items.

To get an accurate price quote for shipping, please add the items you want to your cart and proceed to checkout, then select your shipping destination country from our drop-down menu.

+ Is shipping available to my country?

Custom Your Ink: Please refer to our Shipping Info to make sure whether shipping is available to your country.

+ What shipping methods are available?

Custom Your Ink: We partner with the global carriers, such as DHL, dpd, FedEx, and USPS, to give you the best shipping experience.

Orders shipping within the US:

Standard (7-10 Business Days)
UPS Ground (4-7 Business Days)
UPS Air (3-5 Business Days)

Orders shipping internationally from the US:

International (7-14 Business Days)
International Plus (7-14 Business Days)*

Orders shipping within the EU:

Local Postal Service (No Tracking) (The exact method name and duration will vary by country)
DPD Courier Express (Full Tracking)* (The exact duration will vary by country)

(*) May not be available for all countries

+ What are the available domestic shipping options?

Custom Your Ink: Standard Shipping 7-10 Business Days
UPS 4-7 Business Days
UPS 3-5 Business Days

Please note, all Standard shipments will be transferred to and delivered by your local post office. This means final deliveries will be with USPS, so please make sure that the address you've submitted is a valid mailing address.

+ Is international shipping available and if so, what are the available methods?

Custom Your Ink: Yes! You can always reach out to us via the Shipping Info page to check about a certain destination.

For orders shipping from the United States to international destinations, the following shipping options are available:

International Standard 7-14 Business Days (no tracking)
International Plus 7-14 Business Days (partial tracking)

For orders shipping from a third party European fulfillment center, the following shipping options are available:

Budget, as fulfilled by your country's local postal service
DPD Courier Express

For all orders being shipped via EU fulfillment centers, the estimated delivery times will vary and will be shown at checkout.

All orders will be transferred to and delivered by your local postal service. Customs and duties fee are not calculated at time of purchase.

+ Can I upgrade my shipping?

Custom Your Ink: While your shipping method cannot be upgraded directly, we may be able to cancel and refund your order if it hasn’t printed yet. This way, you can replace it with your preferred ship method. If you’d like to cancel your order, please contact us via Contact Us page and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

If your order has already shipped, it’s unfortunately not possible for us to upgrade the shipping method or make any further changes.

+ I only received part of my order.

Custom Your Ink: Some products on our Site will ship from different locations, even though you've placed them in the same order. All apparel products will ship together, but will be separate from your ordered case, print, or any other non-apparel items.

If you feel like something is missing, let us know via the Contact Us page.

+ Can I ship to a military address?

Custom Your Ink: Unfortunately at this time, shipping to military addresses is unavailable. In the past, APO shipping has been offered, but those shipping methods offered were unreliable and caused great inconvenience to those wishing to set up deliveries to military addresses. We apologize for the inconvenience and we hope shipping to military addresses can be made available again in the future.

About Custom Your Ink's refund and return policy


+ What is the return / exchange policy?

Custom Your Ink:

For more information about return / exchange policy, please refer to our Refund & Exchange page.

+ Something I ordered is defective.

Custom Your Ink: If something you received is defective, please Contact Us with a picture of the damaged item and we'll do what we can to make it right! We never ask that damaged items be returned to us.

+ Where is my refund?

Custom Your Ink: PayPal refunds will be instantly credited back to the PayPal account used for the original payment, but credit card refunds can take up to one billing cycle for the funds to appear back in your account. This can take three to four weeks, though it usually doesn't take that long.

If your refund still hasn't been applied after you receive your next bill, please let us know via the Contact Us page and we'll be happy to resolve that for you.

Reach out Buyers Protection Program of Custom Your Ink


+ How should I wash my shirt?

Custom Your Ink: Turn garments inside out to preserve the integrity of the design. Use cold water only, and laundry detergent without bleach. Dry on low under normal settings. Expect about 5-7% (about a half a shirt size) shrinkage after a normal wash for our cotton shirts. Wash colors separately from whites, especially on the first wash.

Over time, you may experience slight fading on the graphic as your shirt naturally weathers with repeated washings.

+ How do I make sure my tote bag stays bright and white?

Custom Your Ink: It's not recommended that tote bags be washed in the washing machine, but you can keep them looking spiffy by spot cleaning or dry cleaning!

+ Are the wall tapestries washable?

Custom Your Ink: They are indeed! Machine wash individually in cold water on delicate cycle without bleach and then line dry!

+ Can I wash my pillows?

Custom Your Ink: Yes! All pillows consist of an outer cover and an insert. Please note that these pieces have different care instructions:

  • Cover: Machine wash separately in cold water on gentle cycle with mild detergent and no bleach. Tumble dry low.
  • Insert: Spot clean/Dry Clean only
+ Why did my shirt arrive with faded spots all over it?

Custom Your Ink: The last step of the printing process includes the use of a setting spray to make sure the design stays on the shirt. Occasionally this spray can leave faded spots on the shirt, but those should wash out after the first wash! If they don't, please let us know and we'd be happy to rectify this for you.

+ Why does my shirt smell like vinegar?

Custom Your Ink: The DTG printing process can sometimes leave a vinegar-like odor on the printed item. Not to worry! The smell should go away on its own, but if it persists you can flip the shirt inside out and wash it on cold, dry on low. Or you can rinse the garment in cold water and hang it to dry! Either should get rid of any residual odor. If the smell remains, feel free to let us know via the Contact Us page.

How can report a page or a site error


+ How can I report a page or a site error?

Custom Your Ink: You can report errors with pricing, site glitches, or anything else that looks off via the Contact Us page. Try to include as much information as possible, such as browser and operating system information, so we can get to the bottom of it!

We are infinitively grateful for your help!




*** If there're any other problems, you can send us an e-mail to We will respond fastly within 24 hours. Or visit our Contact Us page. Thanks for your support!